Golden Jubilee of SJC, Bhopal

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The D-day has arrived!

Yipee! Yahoo!! and all synonyms thereof...

I am going to Bhopal tonight!! Tomorrow is the D-day, and we are going to have a great time for sure! Wish all of you could be there with me to share the day. I promise to get a lot of news and possibly, pictures too.

You would surely be there in spirt with us, I know... well, you'd be on our minds too!

Last count said that about 800 people are expected. Jaya B has confirmed too. Let's see whom all I meet...

Warm regards,


Friday, September 15, 2006

Welcome One and All!

Dear ex-student of SJC,

Warm Welcome in here!

This is a watering hole for all of us, who are getting a chance to interact , thanks to this 50th year anniversary of our old school! Please come in here, write whatever you feel like in the comments... your memories of the school days, anecdotes, anything!

This is an informal extension to the formal site made for the occasion:

I am from the '89 batch. It would be nice to meet you, if you are coming for the Golden Jubilee celebrations in November.

Warm regards,


An Announcement

1. Please check out the site made especially for this occasion:

2. Please click on the registration form download button and download the form. You will have to fill it and send it along with your registration fee at the earliest. All instructions are there on the form, people.

(I have heard that Sr. Lorraine is coming, too!)


The Beginning!

It was the hot month of May, this year. Right in the middle of one busy - blue day, I got a phone call from Roohi, my school buddy, who was also the head girl of my SJC school batch that passed out in 1989. My blues vanished on hearing about the forthcoming Golden Jubilee of the school and the exciting plans they had in mind for us!

The Broad Plan went like this:

The Golden Jubilee gala of SJC was from 14th Nov to 16th Nov, 2006. The main function for us, when all the batches passed out of SJC will meet to celebrate the 50th year of the school, is on the 14th of November. The golden jubilee function will go on. 16th is the sports day, and so on.

The Head Girls of each batch are coordinating these efforts with their batch and the school. Our job was to spread the word to as many of our batchmates as possible to help in this effort.

Fortunately, I took a trip down to Bhopal in the end of May, when I got this enriching chance of meeting some of my batchmates from SJC. It was truly a humbling experience! We were meeting after 18 years, and looked much different, obviously. But in five minutes flat in my mind I could see the same faces in blue tunics and pig tails!

We were lucky to compile a list of about 30 people in that meeting, rattling off names as they came to our minds. This list has now grown to about 60, and several of us are in touch wih each other over the internet.

Let me tell you something... This is sheer pleasure!

With warm wishes,

Smita (Kulshrestha)